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Cell Phone Repair

A cellphone is a handy device, which is used on a daily basis and that too, multiple times a day. Be it a businessman, or a homemaker, everyone uses the cellphone regularly, and with the smartphones available nowadays, people’s lives depend on their cellphones. In a situation where this device stops working, most people panic, and require a fast, prompt solution. This is where Cellrox steps in to solve this problem and have your cellphone back to working condition in the minimum amount of time possible.

Laptop Repair

Most people use laptops for office work, college work, for saving important documents, and even for making presentations that their life may depend on. So what happens when those documents are unreachable? Or, when your laptop just refuses to boot up? Yes. You run to your nearest Cellrox location, where our experts are waiting to diagnose your laptop and solve the existing problem as soon as possible, to have your laptop, work and regular life run as smooth as before

Water Damage

As we all know, water is an essential part of life. One cannot survive without water for long, and the use of water in a day is extensive. This may cause quite some problems if water is found near our gadgets or devices such as the cellphone, or laptop, which are not water proof. Or even they are, excessive water may damage the charging port, camera, battery, keys, whatsoever. Though, it is not something to worry, as Cellrox experts can resolve water damage problems as fast as they can detect them.

Software Up-gradation

Many a times, some of us may have felt that our cellphones, laptops or tablets have become slower, or have started lagging right after a software upgrade that we may have received. This is because, there is a certain way of upgrading the system, step-by-step, and Cellrox can engineer its way through the process, if only you drop by at your nearest shop location and trust our team with your precious belonging.


Data recovery solutions for various data storage devices such as portable hard drives and USB flash drives.

Data Recovery

Data recovery solutions for various data storage devices such as portable hard drives and USB flash drives.