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The History.

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Experienced in the cell phone accessories and repair service business since 2002, we are currently operating Kiosks, Carts and Stores under the name of (Gadget City and at some locations as CellularX) in top Canadian malls.

Who We Are.

Simply put, we are doctors, designers, planners, all in one. We are doctors because we fix all of your problems related to technology. We are designers because we add the bling to your gadgets. And finally, we are planners because we plan your tech solutions according to your customized specifications.

What we do.

There is no problem that has occurred in your gadgets that we can’t fix. Be it laptops, cell phones, other tech-savvy products, we have covered it all. We provide you the best and most comfortable accessories for your gadgets, and repair any device, no matter what problem may exist. So don’t worry if your phone fell down a flight of stairs, or you dropped water on your laptop, we can fix it!

Why we do it.

We love giving your gadgets a fresh new look! From the cover to the inner customization, we like to make our customers feel empowered and replenished, and also the gadgets, ofcourse. If you want a new haircut, a change of hair colour, new wardrobes and dresses, your phone may need a new cover and a little repair service at times too. And that is why we are here. We exist for you, to provide you with unmatched services and a place you can trust with your precious tech-world.

Core Values.

  • Commitment – We realize what we may be fixing or renewing has immense importance in your life, which is why we work with full commitment and devotion.
  • Care – We understand that the belongings you have handed us are of great value and thus, we take good care of them and work with them carefully
  • Quality – No one wants an accessory or a repair job that would need frequent visits to tech shops, so we make sure that we do our job using high quality products and provide you the best of products and services.
  • Customer Service – We keep our customers updated about their gadget’s progress, or about our new arrivals. We are also available to assist our customers at any point in time if need be, because they are the ones behind our success.
  • Innovation – We believe in the new, cutting-edge technology and keeping up-to-date with the market trends, bringing you top-notch gadgets and accessories in no time.


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Dave Dallman

Verified Customer


Great customer service, products, and prices!. Second time being here and will definitely come back when needed. Also very fast and efficient at what they do.

Jia Ying Cui

Verified Customer


Excellent cell phone repair service at the store. Fast and professionl . Veriaty of phone cases selections to choose from. If you are looking to repair your cell phone this would be the best place I recommend.

Kate Didyk

Verified Customer


Quick, friendly, and quality service! Will definitely be coming back to these guys for all phone repair related issues

Our Support.

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Give your gadgets a brand new look.

We are here to empower you to accessorize your wireless device with just about any look and feel you want. Providing a massive selection of very cool cell phone accessories at everyday low prices.